Wooden Bladeless Scissors

Wooden Bladeless Scissors

Created from an appreciation that children love to play and thrive with real tools, these wooden scissors will provide hours of fun, cutting through playdough or clay worry-free with their blade-less design.


Watch on as your little one squeals in accomplished delight as they gain confidence, improve dexterity and develop their fine motor skills.


• Sustainably sourced all natural materials

• FSC certified beech wood construction

• Skilfully crafted by artisans within Fair Trade environments

• All natural coating

  • Details

    • Dimensions: 160x50x8mm
    • Weight: 15g
    • Ages 3+. Parental supervision is required at all times, and discretion is a parent’s responsibility to ensure a particular item is suitable for their age child.
    • Every piece is uniquely made and the wood grain and colour will vary slightly due to it's beautiful natural characteristics.
  • Care

    • Utilise a water and vinegar solution or a nontoxic multipurpose cleaner diluted down, using a damp cloth, followed by air dry in the sun. Do not soak or use abrasive cleaners. Over the years you may wish to re-coat the item to re-moisturise and protect it, using all natural oil or beeswax.
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