Medical & Wellbeing Set

Introducing the first Integrated Doctor’s Kit – a curated collection of the finest quality modern and traditional medical instruments and supplies, designed to provide hours of open ended play whilst enriching children’s knowledge of whole body health and wellbeing.


Admire as your little one cares for their patients, exploring and using real life instruments along with a wide variety of medicinal remedies and comforts. Endless imaginative play will spark to life as your child gains a wondrous sense of appreciation for their miraculous body, be it through hearing a heartbeat with the stethoscope, checking their patient’s blood pressure, or monitoring a temperature.


Equip your child with confidence and help them build lifelong skills as they learn about the empowerment that comes from tending to our whole body health and personal wellbeing.


  • Medical bag, inspired by the classic Gladstone design
  • Custom childsized stethoscope
  • Custom childsized Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff)
  • Handcrafted felt hot and cold pack
  • Handcrafted felt heart
  • Vintage amber glass bottles (2) with medicinal remedy labels – Elderberry and Echinacea, Daily Vitamin
  • Vintage amber glass dropper bottle with tea tree oil label
  • Handcrafted felt Aloe Vera
  • Clip board with handmade twig pencil
  • Tongue depressor
  • Wooden syringe
  • Handcrafted felt herbal tea bag
  • Handcrafted felt bandaid with velcro closure
  • Functioning thermometer
  • Handcrafted felt orange
  • Wooden pills
  • Engraved wooden name badge with leatherette lanyard and space for writing child’s name
  • Metal tin with epsom salt label
  • Bandage wrap reusable and self-adhesive
  • Printed templates – Patient forms, eye test, medical instrument guide, selfcare guide


These pieces have been ethically sourced from natural materials, and celebrate the talent and creativity of their makers, who are supported through Fair Trade environments.

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• Dimensions: 300x160x240mm

• Ages 3+. Parental supervision is required at all times, and discretion is a parent’s responsibility to ensure a particular item is suitable for their age child.

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Wipe bag and all items clean with a damp cloth

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